Badlands Motor Speedway Back Up For Auction

BRANDON – It appears Badlands Motor Speedway is back up for sale.

According to the speedway’s website, the Minnehaha County Planning & Zoning Office has rescinded a zoning ordinance decision that put the auction on hold.

As a result, the speedway is scheduled to go to auction on Sept. 15 at 3 p.m. in Brandon.

The website says the minimum bid will be $3.15 million. If no bids meet that, the property will not be sold.

“Qualified bidders” will need to post a $500,000 deposit into a temporary escrow account. The winning bid will need to be able to post a 20% deposit immediately.

The site also says the speedway can be purchased outright for $9.45 million. That offer will expire seven days prior to the auction.

The track was originally supposed to be auctioned in June. However, the County Planning & Zoning Office told owner Chuck Brennan that the venue was not in compliance with a zoning ordinance. The decision basically said that since there haven’t been any races at Badlands in over a year, the lot reverts back to its original zoning district – agriculture.

The county was set to determine on June 23 if the facility could be sold as an entertainment facility or a cornfield.

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