Residents Clean Up After Floods in Armour and Parkston

ARMOUR & PARKSTON, S.D.- Another round of rain means more flooding. Several towns across Eastern South Dakota have been dealing with excess water all day. KDLT’S Miranda Paige went to Armour and Parkston.

Water runs through the streets of Armour.

“You know in all honesty, I think that I haven’t really seen this go over like this before. This is the highest I’ve ever seen this year and I’ve lived here my whole life,” said Douglas County Emergency Manager, Pat Harrington.

Several roads completely submerged under water have been closed. In some parts of town the water was five to seven inches. It’s something Harrington says the town wasn’t expecting.

“No not even close.”

Houses looked like they were in a lake and basements were flooded.

It’s been a team effort from the community as everyone tried to minimize the damage by pumping water and using sandbags.

They still have a long ways to go. Harrington estimates it’ll take at least a day for the water to go down.

“It’s going to be a long couple days yes,” said Harrington.

Parkston also dealt with flooding. Luckily this time wasn’t as bad for them.

“Nine out of ten years you’re going to have a flood in Parkston at the creek, you’re going to have a flood. It’s just a matter of could be the spring or it could be on the 13th of July,” said Dave Hoffman, Hutchinson County Emergency Manager.

They always have a plan ready. This morning they grabbed the sandbags and it was all hands on deck to help out.

However, It seems like some houses always end up flooding. Several families hurried to get all they could out of their flooded basements before the waters rose.

There was no shortage of positivity in both communities.

“It’s been ongoing, but we feel very blessed, it could be so much worse” said Armour Visitor, Lori Cahill.

People were trying to make the best of a tough situation. Some people like Parkston Resident Jenna Reiser were out on the water Kayaking.

“Just trying to make a positive out of a negative rather and get a little humor out of it,” said Reiser.

Many residents couldn’t help but notice the calendar saying it’s fitting that this happened on Friday the 13th.


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