Sioux Falls Lego Camp Offering Kids a Chance to Design

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – If your child loves Legos or Minecraft, well this could be the camp for them.

4D Design and Consulting partnered with Sioux Steel for the Lego Camp. The week-long program gives kids the chance to design the Sioux Steel development through Legos and Minecraft.

The kids are creating the Sioux Steel development through their own perception. This is a great class for any child who wants to be an architect or is looking for a future in design.

Class instructor Jordan Defenbaugh believes this class provides kids a chance to control the future.

“This is basically building a version. A way for them to see the possibilities of what could be built and then there’s different ways that they can build on that,” said Defenbaugh.

Minecraft builder Nolan Fleming thinks this is a great opportunity for kids to speak about their visions for Sioux Falls.

“Kids get a voice in what is going on in the city and what places are going into the city and how the city is gonna be effected by us,” said Fleming.

Kids are presenting their projects at Josiah’s Coffee House in front of city officials and local architects.

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