Sioux Falls Police to Expand with Report to Work Stations Around the City

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – After consulting and a few years of discussion, it was decided that the Sioux Fall Police Department needed to expand.

They will be doing so by building different report to work stations around the city. Officers currently all go the police headquarters downtown and then head to their patrolling areas from there.

With the city of Sioux Falls growing, a report to work station would save officers some time. At these stations officers will be able to change into uniform, receive their shift briefing, then get a start in their patrol area.

Theses are less expensive and much smaller version of precincts, but there can be some confusion between the two.

“There’s a lot of similarities between a report to work site, and a precinct. But a precinct is so much, and involves so much, and it really becomes a small police department on its own,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

Plans for locations of the report to work stations still need to be finalized. Officer Clemens estimates that we are still about two years away from seeing them in use.

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