Volunteers Help Clean Flooded Baseball Fields in Harmodon Park

SIOUX FALLS, SD- Usually when baseball games are canceled people throw in the towel, but not in this game.

The Mid-Summer Baseball Classic Tournament was scheduled to start on Friday at noon.  But due to the heavy rain from Thursday night, all seven fields at Harmodon Park were flooded.
Instead of calling it quits: the City of Sioux Falls, players, coaches, and families came together to pump as much water from the fields as they could.

Organizers of the clean-up were impressed with how quickly everyone came together to help.  Executive Director of Sioux Empire Baseball, Chad Barman did not expect anyone to show up.  “This is more than anything I could have asked for with the number of volunteers and stuff we got. I went to pick up supplies earlier and I was expecting like 10 people and we are closer to 40 or 50.”

Several games will continue Friday night beginning at 6 p.m.  Canceled games are scheduled to be made up on Saturday with games continuing through the weekend.


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