State Trapshooting continues to grow in South Dakota

State Trapshooting continues to grow in South Dakota

CROOKS, SD–The State Trap Shooting meet is something kids look forward to all year.

“The season starts in September and we’ve been practicing a little bit through the winter but mostly through the summer every day, most days after school. And we spend a lot of time getting ready for these.” Rapid City Team Captain Ethan Stebbins says.

“And you really want to give kids an opportunity to do something, put them outside, gives them a chance to do something. And, as they like to say, it’s always fun to break stuff!” Rapid City Coach Greg Johnson says.

Which links them to 128 years of history.

“I traveled here with my family. We have three generations here. Not all of us are participating but we’re all here. It’s like a big family reunion.” Johnson says.

Hundreds of men, women and kids spent the weekend at the Crooks Gun Club in competition and camaraderie.

“We have five probably of the best shooters in the world that live in South Dakota. And it’s kind of fun to come and watch them.” South Dakota Trap Shooting Association President Randy Thomas says.

With an eye on the kids who will keep the tournament’s tradition alive, South Dakota game, fish and parks provided shells for all junior competitors.

“They’re trying to get more youth involved in hunting and this is the start here. In order to shoot that high school shoot you have to pass your hunt safety course.” Thomas says.

Which should keep this South Dakota staple going….

“Everybody who shoots, it seems like everybody you meet, is just wonderful people that we shoot with. So it’s always fun when it seems you get a friend in anyone you talk too.” Stebbins says.

for another 128 years!

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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