Study: Texting and Driving Issues Increasing Everywhere

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A study published by the t found that about 70% of people don’t understand the dangers of texting and driving.

The study also found that approximately one out of every four car accidents is caused by cell phones. This includes, texting, phone calls, even when your phone calls come through a “hands free” device.

Officials advice no phone usage, but if you have to, pull off to the side of the road. Those texts and calls you make off the road, could save your life.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen, if an animal is going to run out in the road. The car besides you makes a sudden lane change for a reason. Anything like that, it just takes seconds for those things to happen if you’re not paying attention,” said South Dakota Highway Patrol Sgt. Steven Schade.

Studies show that you are at about two times more at risk for an accident if you are talking on the phone at the wheel, while texting shows about six time more of a risk.

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