CyberPatriot Boot Camp Offers Students a Crash Course on Cyber Security

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Learning about computers is like learning a new language.  Think of it like Morse Code, except students are communicating with their computers to secure their programs.

“We’ve kind of taken a crash course on cyber security and mostly defense of a computer system,” said camper Aidan Sanchez.

The First CyberPatriot Camp took place at the C.T.T Academy.  The week-long program teaches students how to secure a computer through softwares like Microsoft or Linux.

This defensive class informs students how to protect their computers by programming certain password lengths or tracking an unsafe file.

On Friday morning, they put their skills to the test in a friendly competition

“They are competing to see who can secure the machines the fastest and the most thoroughly. So they are each being scored on how fast they complete tasks on how secure they can make their Windows boxes and the Linux boxes their working on,” said class instructor Klosterman.

Klosterman also included lessons about staying safe on social media, “It’s a big component in today’s world. The types of information you share and the other types of information people can gather about you is a big part about being safe online.”

This is an educational camp, but kids are having fun including camper Abigail Zenner.

“Programming is very fun for me. it’s a lot of memorization and it’s difficult. But at the same time it’s very comforting to know there’s commands that can basically do anything on a computer,” said Zenner.

The students have learned so much already and Sanchez wants to pass that knowledge on. “Don’t have a short password. try to make it longer and have various complexities. Make sure you know who has access to your computer,” said Sanchez.

Students hope this camp jump starts classes or after school programs for anyone who wants a future in technology.

“This definitely has opened my eyes to possible future careers that I could take into the cyber security industry,” said Zenner.

“If kids show interest, I think that’s what the school needs (at least) to move forward,” said Sanchez.

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