Dentist Facing Charges Against Inmates at Minnehaha County Jail

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A dentist at the Minnehaha County Jail is accused of inappropriately touching female inmates. According to court documents the instances of alleged abuse include 5 women this year.

“You know obviously they are very serious charges,” said Sheriff Mike Milstead.

Dr. Andrew Heinisch faces four felony and four misdemeanor charges, including two counts of attempted sexual acts between a jail employee and an inmate, which is a class six felony.

He is a subcontractor for Armor Correctional Health Care, a provider for the Minnehaha County Jail. After doing dental work on June 9th at the jail, a female inmate reported allegations of inappropriate touching which sparked an investigation.

“Used his position and in this case access to women to inappropriately touch them and assault them,” said Sheriff Milstead.

Since then four more women have brought forth allegations against Heinisch. They said they felt uncomfortable when he began to give them massages and touch them under their shirts. He also touched their lips in a sexual manner. They say he made unprofessional comments saying things about their appearance and asking about relationship status.

Heinisch had been providing dental care at the jail since March of 2016. He’s also a dentist at AppleWhite Dental in Worthington.

“We made authorities there aware of our investigation and at this point our contract provider provides another dentists to continue normal care of the inmates,” said Sheriff Milstead.

It is unclear if Heinisch is still employed in Worthington. According to a bio on the company website, he also volunteers as a math tutor and provides dental care for Our Lady of Guadalupe Free Clinic.

According to court documents, some of the victims say they never reported what happened because as inmates they didn’t know if anyone would believe them.

Heinisch is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.


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