The Sioux Falls Skatepark Association Kicks Off New Community Projects

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A skate group is working to build a new skate park in Sioux Falls. They’re hoping to get the community on board with the idea.  

The Sioux Falls Skatepark Association took a break from their boards to help the community.

“Kind of a good way for us to get established as an aspect of Sioux Falls and gives back at the same time,” said Organizer Alix Kyrie.

They’re a fairly new organization, but they have big plans. Right now they’re focusing on changing the negative perceptions some people have of skaters by putting together community service projects and inviting the community to join them.

“We’re not just skateboarders right, so the idea that we’re taking part in the community and doing things in the community positively reflect on us you know and is just a positive thing to be doing,” said Walter Portz. 

This weekend kicked off their first project. Around 20 people helped clean up trash on the bike path near drake springs skateboard park.

Their end goal in all of this is a new skate park.

“We’d essentially like to have a third skatepark that’s more permanent cement based, something a little bit more on a larger scale,” said Kyrie.

“Building something in the central part of Sioux Falls that is easily accessible to children throughout our community that is a a safe welcoming atmosphere that all levels of ability can participate in and enjoy.”

The project is still three to five years out, but they’re trying to get their name out their through their community projects and get support from the community.

They’ll have other projects and events coming up in the future like block parties and concerts.

You can keep up to date on all that on their facebook page:

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