Message of Kindness Painted on Walls of Empire Mall Food Court

SIOUX FALLS. SD-   The Empire Mall is painting kindness on its walls.

There’s a new mural in the food court to represent the message of spreading kindness.  The idea of the mural came from Sioux Falls locals, Rebekah Rinehart and Sarah Nelson.

The artists created the business “The Kind Way” in 2017, and their murals are now a social movement.  People take pictures with the murals and post them on social media explaining what kindness means to them.  Some of their murals are in Nashville and Chicago.

Rebekah and Sarah says murals perfectly define kindness because people can interpret it differently and however they choose to.

Rebekah explains, “When we were designing the mural, we were kind of (you know) talking about ‘what could we paint that effectively defines it.’ Like what object and we realized that there’s not one thing that can define kindness. Kindness is so many things and that’s what makes it so special.”

Rebekah and Sarah will travel to Dallas to create their next mural.  You can follow their journey on Instagram @thekindway.

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