Someone You Should Know: Miracle Man

MADISON, S.D.-Each year the dairy queen in Madison has one of the biggest turnouts in the country for Miracle Treat Day. The annual event sees one dollar from each blizzard sold donated to the Children’s Miracle Network. For the store’s owner this is more than just a fundraiser.  KDLT’s Miranda Paige tells us why he’s someone you should know.

DeLon Mork invests a lot of time and effort into Miracle Treat Day because he knows what it’s like for a loved one to be in the hospital.

“My father was diagnosed in 2002 with stomach cancer. That’s where the real drive and emotion came from,” said Mork.

Mork says he knows how much that money can help families and that his dad would have worked just as hard to lend a hand.

“Every form of struggle you could experience, he watched around him and my dad said ‘you know I’m 66-years-old, I’ve had a good life, I’ve had a 40 year business, a 44 year marriage, a son that’s not a complete disaster and I’ve had a great life. These kids don’t get that and it isn’t fair.’ And that was really frustrating for him,” said Mork.

Years ago Mork took over the 54-year-old family business. He says he strives to run it in a way that would make his parents proud.   

“This is my families heritage and I’m just trying to do the best I can to preserve what they built,” said Mork.

“My parents gave their heart and soul to this business and it meant a lot to him, the community involvement.”

As a cancer survivor himself, Mork goes all out to motivate people to get involved. In the past he’s shaved his head and even skydived.

His employees say they appreciate his commitment to the fundraiser and the store in general.

“It’s a joy. It makes everything so much easier knowing he’s willing to help out where needed. And it’s not just this it’s within the whole community for him,” Lana Zillgitt, General Manager of the Madison Dairy Queen.

He says none of this would be possible without his customers.

“It’s humbling. It’s hard to put into words. This community is 7,258 wonderful people and they buy 40 thousand blizzards a year. That’s pretty amazing. And it’s not just Madison, but the surrounding communities,” said Mork.

“They are all very generous and they get the mission of what we’re doing.”

August 2nd is Miracle Treat Day. Mork encourages everyone to stop in at any local dairy queen and buy a blizzard.


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