Police: “Report Crimes First, Then Post on Facebook”

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A Facebook post about a potential abduction at a Sioux Falls gas station is making its way around.

The post, which was made around 6:30 on Monday night, is from a young woman in Sioux Falls. She says she was at a gas station near 9th Street and Kiwanis Avenue when a woman approached her and tried to pull her into a vehicle. She says she was able to fight the woman off.

The post then advises others to be aware of their surroundings. Police say they never received a report of the woman’s claims.

“We want people to call police first, and then post it on Facebook second. It shouldn’t be reverse order, and we’ve seen people post it on Facebook and then it doesn’t get reported to police until days later, and from our standpoint, it’s really hard to follow up on theses cases,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

Police say the sooner something is reported, the sooner they can start investigating.

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