Sioux Falls Vet Clinic Now Offers CT Scans for Pets

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux Falls veterinary clinic is working to bring specialized care closer to pet owners in South Dakota. Best Care Pet Hospital is the only vet in the state with some of the technology needed for animals with serious health issues like cancer.

Best Care Pet Hospital aims to give all pets a chance at a healthier life.

“Every doctor and technician and receptionist here is a neurotic pet owner and so we get the people that want to do and know and go for more with their pet. That’s who we are,” said Dr. Joe Spoo, Owner of Best Care Pet Hospital.

They are the only vet between Denver and Minneapolis that has a CT scan machine used specifically on pets.

They’ve been offering scans for about a month now.

“So that we can save people the travel and often times the expense and the stress. I mean having to take time off, people can’t always do that. So we’re able to work with them and get those diagnostics here in Sioux Falls and in South Dakota,” said Dr. Spoo.

It has multiple uses such as searching for cancer or looking at orthopedic problems like a ruptured disc. Dr. Spoo’s own pets have dealt with issues like cancer and kidney failure. That inspired him to look into specialty care in the first place.

“Me becoming board certified was I just wanted to be the best possible veterinarian for my own pets and I’d like to think that my clients get the benefit of that because all of the knowledge I’ve tried to acquire to make my own dogs live forever obviously passes down to my patients,” said Spoo.

He offers many other advanced care options as well. They have an ultrasound and are the only clinic in the area that can live stream it to a veterinary radiologist for real time analysis. They also just got an underwater treadmill to help pets recovering from injuries or surgery.

Soon this will all be located at their new specific care clinic, which is still under construction. They’re expanding right next door, to house all of these advanced care tools.

Best Care plans to have its next door expansion open next month, but people can still stop in now if they need specific care.


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