Pipestone, Minnesota Goes Back In Time for 27th Annual Civil War Days

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-August 11th and 12th was the 27th annual Pipestone Civil War Days in Pipestone, Minnesota. Thousands visited the town to be transported back to the 1800’s. There was everything from soldiers to settlers as people set up camp at Hiawatha Pageant Park. Organizers say people’s curiosity of the civil war era is what draws thousands to the event.

“They are intrigued by what happened. It’s kind of hard to see history when you read about it out of a book, but when you come to a re-enactment you actually see some of the history taking place in front of your eyes,” said Myron Koets, Mayor of Pipestone.

People were able to learn not only about the war, but what life was like during that time period. Hundreds of civil war reenactors acted and dressed the part. Many experts on their character.

You can’t have a Civil War reenactment without the president, Abraham Lincoln. Fritz Klein is a Lincoln Impersonator. He may not actually be Lincoln, but visitors say he might as well be.

“If you were to ask him a question in past tense, he will turn around and answer you in present tense of 1860 when he was the president,” said Koets.

He’s been impersonating Lincoln for almost 40 years. Klein takes his role very seriously.

“It’s a gift to be able to portray Lincoln in this way that makes him seem so real. It’s a gift to people. They like it and I like giving it,” said Klein.

Organizers say it’s a group effort to make everything as historically accurate as they can and are proud of the civil war they put on.

Pipestone was not around during the Civil War but, was founded by many veterans. In 1886 they all got together and did a reenactment. Years later the town decided to continue doing them. This is the only civil war reenactment to be held in Minnesota this year.


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