Someone You Should Know: Tea’s Tiny Triathlete Wins National Title

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Meet Evelyn DeGeest.

She’s not even in the first grade, but Evelyn has competed in 24 youth triathlons. The impressive feat starts with a swim.

“It’s really fun because you’re doing something really hard that you didn’t do before,” said Evelyn.

Both of Evelyn’s older brothers compete in youth triathlons. One day, Evelyn decided she wanted to join the fun. It turns out that she’s in a league of her own.

In fact, the Tea girl recently took home the gold at the National Youth Triathlon Championship in Ohio. That race consisted of a 100 meter swim, a five kilometer bike ride, and a one kilometer run.

It takes a lot of endurance for anyone to complete the course, let alone someone Evelyn’s age.

Evelyn says she loves watching other kids experience the accomplishment of finishing a race for their first time.

“It’s super fun to see them race because it’s their first triathlon and they’re doing something really hard,” said Evelyn.

Up next is a bike ride followed by a run. Evelyn’s family cheers her on from the sidelines.

“You get tingles all over and then you just think about how hard she worked out there,” said Alicia DeGeest, Evelyn’s mom.

The fun doesn’t end at the finish line. For every youth triathlon Evelyn’s family completes, the family donates a bike to a child in foster care.

“[We] give bikes to someone else so they can have a fun experience riding bikes,” said Evelyn.

You can say the competitive spirit  and the passion for giving back both run in the family.

“Oh, your heart races and you’re anxious for them and then you’re so proud,” said Alicia.

Evelyn’s next race is this Saturday near Des Moines. Her younger sister also hopes to follow in the family’s footsteps and become a youth triathlete one day.

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