Sioux Falls Store Takes Steps to Combat Counterfeit Money


SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-100 dollar counterfeit bills are circulating around Huron again. A couple weeks ago Huron Police caught the person behind the fake bills. However, more have been turning up. Police think it could be a copycat. Some businesses are losing out on money because of this. It’s also happening in Mitchell and Sioux Falls. One Sioux Falls business has taken steps to keep from becoming a victim.

At the drugstore Lewis off of Minnesota, they’re use to some people paying with cash. So they put their employees through a two day training before putting them on the cash register.

“During that process they go through what to look for you know on money you know there’s water marks and things you can look for but they also talk about the importance of taking the marker and marking off every dollar bill or every dollar bill just to make sure it’s not counterfeit,” said Randy Seney, Store Manager.

Employees are required to mark any bill that’s $20 or more. If it’s real it should leave a yellow mark, but if it’s fake it’ll turn black.

“We just want to be proactive when it comes to counterfeit money because once we take it it’s ours, said Seney.

If it’s fake that means they’ve lost money. When they do come across counterfeits they let the customer know and they contact their security to handle the problem.

Sometimes people unknowingly have them in their possession and try to buy something, which is why police are urging people to be cautious. Paying or passing along counterfeit money is considered a felony.

Another thing they do is warn their other stores.

“Just to make them aware that theirs counterfeit money floating around and that they should advise their cashiers to be on the lookout for it, said Seley.

While the store hasn’t seen any counterfeit bills pass through in awhile they say crooks don’t stand a chance. Since they have their markers ready as a first defense.

It’s not only businesses that should be cautious, but everyone. There are many things you can do to spot a fake one hundred dollar bill. Look for any unusual writing or foreign symbols. Pay attention to how the bill feels. If it’s real the texture should not feel like paper. It’s also real if you see a water mark of Benjamin Franklin when holding it up to the light. 

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