Salon Thanks Sioux Falls Community With Free Back-to-School Haircuts


SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- More than 24-thousand kids in the Sioux Falls area will go back to school this week. Many of them will be sporting a fresh new haircut.

It’s all thanks to a local salon. Owners and staff worked on their day off to give away free back-to-school haircuts.

Student haircuts were on the house August 19th at 5 Star Cutz. The salon is usually closed on sunday, but the business opened just for a back to school special.

“When you have a fresh haircut it just improves your attitude and your focus and just makes you feel better about going anywhere and giving you that confidence. Giving you that confidence to just be anywhere at anytime, said Owner,Tyrone Wilson.

Since starting the business three years ago, Wilson says the community has been welcoming. So he and his wife decided to do this as a thank you.

“it’s just a little bit away we can show appreciation to our customers who have been supporting us all year long,” said Wilson.

For Wilson this community is important to him.

“Community is number one.”

“If the community wasn’t here, like if we don’t support each other, then we have nothing. Then we don’t even have a community,” said Wilson.

He planned to give out as many haircuts as possible within the span of eight hours. Many people took him up on that offer. There was a line spanning out the door.

“We stay pretty busy and consistent throughout any other day of the week today, but today by far we have exceeded our numbers, said Wilson.

Many parents say the free hair cuts will help relieve some of their back to school stress.

“It’s not on your school supply list. It’s just one of those forgotten expenses when you’re thinking of back to school. I thought ‘What a great opportunity’. I have two kids who are going back to school and so obviously one or more kids that adds up,” said Customer, Liz Wittrock.

This is a decision Wilson is glad he made.

“It feels fantastic actually. It feels really great to be able to say that you know we made a positive impact here in our community with the kids, with the youth. And hopefully, maybe one day, just maybe, maybe one of these guys will grow up and be a barber too just like us.”

Anyone who received a haircut also got a goodie bag, filled with back-to-school essentials like pencils.


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