Canton Volunteer Fire Dept. Prepares for Answering the Call

CANTON, S.D. — For many people the workday ends at 5 o’clock. However, for some they also work in extreme cases outside of their full time jobs, and are called upon at a second’s notice.

KDLT goes to Canton where the volunteer fire department prepares for those moments.

For the 28 members of the Canton Volunteer Fire Department monthly training is mandatory.

“We’re always looking to move forward, and to advance because if you don’t you’re behind the game, and that’s just not safe,” says Canton Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief Kyle Lease.

Exercises include ladder work, rope tying and using thermal imaging cameras which are vital to those rescuing and being rescued.

“They provide us with a few things. Visibility for more than anything, and we use that for not only locating the fires but also victims in searching and rescue,” says Lease.

Onlookers get an outside view of what a firefighter’s job is like.

“We like that the community get involved with us and they support us, and they like coming out and watching us train and work and see what we do,” says Lease.

Lease says it doesn’t matter that this training doesn’t have the adrenaline of a real fire.

“This is just as important. You have to know what you’re doing before you get into that emergency situation,” says Lease.

For those who live in canton or the surrounding area and are interested, the Canton Volunteer Fire Department says they are always looking for more firefighters.

If you’re interested in applying you can connect with the Dept. here.

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