Treinen Enjoying All-Star Season with Oakland

Treinen Enjoying All-Star Season with Oakland

MINNEAPOLIS, MN…It only takes a few former South Dakota State teammates to remind one of baseball’s most dominant closers that he wasn’t always so dominant.

“It was against Oral Roberts and he gave up a few runs. And now he’s here, barely giving up any runs in the Major Leagues. And we always make the joke ‘well he couldn’t get Oral Roberts out, how is he getting all these guys out?” Former SDSU Teammate Billy Stitz says.

As successful as Blake Treinen is now it’s hard to believe that when he came to Brookings about a decade ago, the big leagues were the farthest thing on his mind. After all he was on his third school and it was his last shot to have any chance to play pro baseball after college.

“Three years ago if you were to ask me I’d say no, I just wanted to play college baseball.” Treinen Said In 2011 Of His Dreams Of Playing Major League Baseball.

“I think a part of me always knew that that’s what I wanted to do. I think God put it on my heart to continue to play ball and that’s why I chased it and pursued up it at South Dakota State. For me I just always wanted to outwork everybody else and at least give myself an opportunity.” Treinen says now.

“He could always get hitters out with that fastball. And then once he started developing his slider in college is when he really started to be pretty good.” Stitz says.

That helped Treinen get picked in the seventh round of the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft by the Oakland A’s. Two years later he was traded to the Washington organization, working his way up to the majors 2014.

In 2017 Washington made him their closer, only for Treinen to struggle and lose his job. He’d be traded back to Oakland midway through the season.

“Through the failures you learn to be better. I think failure helps breed success because you have to find ways to get better.” Blake says.

And with a second chance he’s become one of baseball’s most dominant closers. Blake 6-2 this season with 32 saves and a 0.97 ERA, earning his first trip to the All-Star game in, ironically, Washington.

“What would I tell myself back then like hey, you’re going to be an All-Star one day! And I think I’d tell you that would be phenomenal but I don’t see that right now!” Treinen says.

Though the uniform has changed, the same things that made Treinen successful at SDSU….

“I wouldn’t say that I would have ever thought that I would be where I am now. Like I’ve told many people before, God kind of writes stories that are bigger than we could ever imagine.” Treinen says.

….are helping him reach new heights in the Majors.

In Minneapolis, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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