Monday Night’s Shooting Results in One Death After Reckless Discharge

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – One man is dead and his friend is in jail after a shooting at a Sioux Falls home. It happened last night when a teenager was showing off his new gun to a friend.

According to police, it is now a manslaughter investigation.

“We saw some of the neighbors out and we were just asking them and they had thought they have had heard (you know) gunshots.”

The neighborhood around Thelin Park is known to be safe, but now community members are startled after Monday night’s shooting.

“We’ve been here for a little over two and a half years. It’s normally a quiet, a really quiet neighborhood. It’s a real nice neighborhood, so this was kind of shocking,” says concerned neighbor McCall Lutmer.

Around 9:15 p.m, police responded to a gunshot call from the home on the 37-hundred block of North Galaxy Lane. According to officials, the fatal shot took the life of twenty-one year old Sioux Falls resident, Darius Jae Tiger.  Police confirmed that eighteen-year-old Sioux Falls resident, Stasek Stefananyuk is charged with first degree manslaughter.

Lt. Michael Colwill of the Sioux Falls Police Department says, “We believe the defendant and the victim (in this incident) were friends who were basically hanging out at the defendant’s residence.”

Stefananyuk just purchased the weapon and was showing it to Tiger until it went of .

Additionally, Stefanayuk is charged with possession of a controlled substance and maintaining a place where drugs are used and sold after recovering a small, concentrated T.H.C product while searching the property.  Officials say due to these other charges, they would not call this death “accidental.”

“Based upon the investigation and the statements, evidence that was located on scene, and the narcotics that were present with the fact that the defendant is charged with possession of a controlled substance; I would refer to the discharge as reckless,” says Colwill.

With the case still on-going, concerned neighbors like McCall Lutmer can only hope that this incident will only make the community stronger.  “We need to keep our neighborhood safe and I want to raise my family here. I just want to keep everybody safe.”

According to police, alcohol was not present at the scene and had no influence on the crime.  Stefananyuk is being held on a 100-thousand dollar bond.

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