Sharing the Road With School Buses: Driving Law Reminders

S.D.-As school starts back up there are more school buses out on the roads

“Give yourself a little bit more room around those school buses because kids are often getting off that bus and they’re going all different directions to their homes,” said South Dakota Highway Patrol Sergeant, Matt Koll.

The South Dakota Highway Patrol has some helpful reminders to ensure everyone’s safety.

According to law enforcement, if a driver sees a school bus ahead with flashing red lights, the driver should slow down to 15 miles per hour and prepare to stop. Once the buses stop arm is out, drivers have to stop at least 15 feet away from the bus.

On a two lane road, highway patrol says according to state law, it’s illegal for drivers in either direction to pass a bus that has flashing red lights or its stop arm out.

” If you violate that law it’s considered a class 2 misdemeanor and the fine for that is $122.50, said Sergeant Koll.

The rules are different on a four lane road. In that case drivers going the opposite direction of the bus don’t have to stop.

“However they should still use caution because there’s kids getting on and off that bus,” said Sergeant Koll.

Buses can slow you down so there are things you can do to make your commute easier.

“Leave early and give themselves a little more time so if you do encounter delay or a school bus that is stopped, it’s not a big inconvenience for you because you’ve given yourself that extra time in the morning or after work to get to and from where you’re going,” said

Highway Patrol says following these rules of the road allows everyone to have a safe school year. They also want to remind drivers to be aware when you enter a school zone because the speed limit drops to 15 miles per hour.


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