Harrisburg Homecoming Parade Celebrates 125 Years with Special Guests

HARRISBURG, S.D. – Each year the Harrisburg School District holds a homecoming parade, but today in honor of their 125th anniversary they decided to do something a little different and invite two special guests to ride in the parade.

96-year-old Grace Aleck and five-year-old Blakely Langner are the oldest and youngest Tigers in the Harrisburg community. Grace graduated class of 1940, 78 years ago. Kindergartener Blakely just turned five on the second day of this school year and will graduate in 2031. In the Harrisburg School District their saying is “once a Tiger, always a Tiger.” They felt this was a great way to celebrate that notion.

“What makes Harrisburg special is that we may be very very big, but we do have a very small Hometown feel. And I know that Grace has lived in the community for a very very long time obviously, but even our youngest one, we hope that that’s how she will feel as she goes through the grades here,” said JoAnne VerMulm, Communications Director for Harrisburg School District.

This is the biggest homecoming parade the districts ever held. More than 5,000 people lined the streets to celebrate.


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