Sioux Falls Volunteer Virtually Deploys to Tropical Storm Florence

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Some people in the Sioux Empire are helping victims from right here at home.

Doctor Amy Marschall is a psychologist who is virtually deployed to tropical storm Florence. That means she provides mental health services over the phone while staying in Sioux Falls.

First, Marschall sets her availability then, the Red Cross routes phone calls to her from people in need. Crisis intervention is a big part of her job.

There are not too many local mental health resources during disasters, as providers usually need to evacuate too. While it can be a emotionally taxing job, Marschall says it is also a rewarding volunteer experience.

“Imagine losing absolutely everything. There’s so much you don’t think about until you’re in the situation. You might get someone who’s calling and saying ‘hey, the only thing I own right now is the outfit I’m wearing,'” said Marschall.

Dr. Marschall also provides mental health support to other volunteers who see the devastation firsthand.

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