Stricker Wins First Sanford International

Stricker Wins First Sanford International

SIOUX FALLS, SD… Steve Stricker’s week in Sioux Falls at the Sanford International began in anonymity.

“I went down to the Duluth Trading Company today, that’s where I was shopping, and the lady was like yeah, we’ve got a big golf tournament in town, who’s your favorite? And I looked at my wife and I’m like Nikki, who’s your favorite? And she didn’t answer so I don’t know what that means!” PGA Champions Tour Pro Steve Stricker says.

To be fair, Stricker is still a bit of a stranger to the Champions Tour in his second year as he splits time playing on the regular PGA Tour.

“There’s good potential for me out here to play well and vice versa on the regular tour. I still feel like I have my game strong enough to compete out there.” Stricker says.

With vice captain duties for the United States Ryder Cup team in France looming Steve easily could have skipped a stop in Sioux Falls, if it weren’t for the support of his mentor Andy North.

“Boyhood idol of mine. His relationship with Sanford I’ve gotten to know a little bit too so I shouldn’t say it’s just Andy but it’s Sanford as well.” Stricker says.

A tournament made even more difficult by mother nature, with rains preventing him from getting much practice in.

“I never felt so unprepared in my life playing a golf tournament. You usually get a round in a couple times at least. But you know what? There’s something to be said about that too where you can just kind of plod your way around, kind of learn as you go around.” Stricker says.

With his wife Nikki rooting for him and caddying, Stricker figured it out and shot a 13 under par for the weekend, pulling away on Sunday to win by four strokes.

“What a fantastic week and what a turnout of people and crowds. You guys put on a good show. You know when you win at a place it always gives you some very good feelings and memories. And Andy being here I’ll be back for sure. There’s no doubt I’ll be back.” Stricker says.

Where he probably won’t have a problem being recognized.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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