Why Your Kids Are Still Spending Too Much Time Online

Children tend to follow your lead, mom and dad

This week, NBC News did a special series of reports on the concern over how much time our kids are spending online.  “Are iPads bad for kids?” and “Predators Using Fortnite to lure in kids”  were just two of the stories the team did to looked at the amount of time our children are spending online and the potential short and long-term costs.

Will Bushee, vice-president of the data mining company, Brite Planet, co-founder of Code Boot Camp of South Dakota, and author of Wired for Coding, joined Carla White, a best-selling app producer and success coach joined us in the studio Friday to talk about what any of it means, why our kids really aren’t paying attention to us when we try and limit their screen time, and how to get everyone to be more in the moment and logged off.

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