Lyng Still Golfing at age 90!

Lyng Still Golfing at age 90!

SIOUX FALLS, SD…On any given day Gordy Lyng can be found on the golf course.

Gordy Lyng says:”Well it’s a way of staying young…”

Gordy has spent his working years as the former owner of Boomer’s and Tinner’s restaurants. The 90 year old is now retired – but his golf game has never been better.

“It’s hard to say how many rounds of golf I’ve played, but there’s been a bunch” says Gordy.

Gordy hits the links at least 3 times a week and he makes sure to stick to the fundamentals.

Gordy says:”So it’s fun game…don’t take it so seriously. When it ceases to be fun quit playing golf.. go play tennis. Go somewhere else.”

He also wreaks havoc in the ‘Old Coots Golf League’ .. as a 2 time champion. It’s a league consisting of retired or nearly retired men.. and long time friends.

“He’s an inspiration is what he is, and Gordy has become a very good friend. He’s a genuine guy. what you see with Gordy is what you get” says Denny Pierson, founder of the league.

Gordy’s been witnessing some of the best golfers for 90 years, and he does have a favorite.

“I’ve been to the Masters. I’ve been to other golf tournaments. I was amazed with Freddie Couples. I try to duplicate his swing, and it has really helped my game.” says Gordy.

For a guy who is only 10 years away from 100 years old – he’s not ready to quit just yet.

“Maybe around 105…laughing”.. says Gordy.

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