Sioux Falls Residents Raise Awareness of White Cane Law

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Around 100 people marched down 41st Street in Sioux Falls on Saturday with white canes. They were doing it to raise awareness of an important law. The White Cane Law requires people to stop and give the right of way to anyone carrying a white cane with a red tip. The law is meant to protect those who are visually impaired. Organizers of the White Cane March say their goal is to educate more people about the use of white canes, so that those using the canes will be safer when crossing the street.

“We are part of the community, we live in the community, we cross streets, ride buses the same as anybody else would do that, that lives in the community of Sioux Falls. But there’s times with the confusion of the traffic and everything we all need maybe a little bit of extra help,” said Chelle Hart, a White Cane Committee member.

The event also gives people an opportunity to get to know those who are visual impaired. Many learned how to safely guide someone who is blind. National White Cane Safety Day is this Monday October 15th.


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