Friday Marks 25 Years Since Washington Pavilion Approval Vote

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – 25 years ago, Sioux Falls made an old decision that still stands today. Well, not quite as old as dinosaurs, but at the times, a space dedicated just to art and sciences seemed equally crazy.

On October 19, 1993, voters approved a $33 million bond for the construction of the Washington Pavilion.

The building was formerly Washington High School before the original campus closed in 1992 when the school moved to southeastern Sioux Falls.

At the time,  it was one of the largest public school buildings in the nation.

The Sioux Falls City Commission suggested turning the space into a welcoming entertainment spot.

“I love the pavilion,” said Parker, age 4.

Thus, the Pavilion came to life.

Parker goes to preschool at the Pavilion.

“I love the Pavilion because they have a great school here,” said his mom.

The 1993 vote wasn’t a landslide. In fact, it was a vote too close for comfort.

The vote passed by a narrow 51-percent with a 49-percent voting “no.”

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