The Corn Palace Dedicates 2019 Murals to the U.S.S. South Dakota


MITCHELL, SD-  “The World’s Only Corn Palace” in Mitchell dedicated the 2019 murals.  Each mural is a dedication to each branch of the military, specifically the U.S.S. South Dakota.

“U.S.S. South Dakota is the fourth vessel to be named after the 40th state. The newest U.S.S South Dakota is Virginia Class, nuclear powered submarine,” says Captain Deb Bodenstedt of the Commissioning Committee.

The U.S.S. South Dakota Battleship from World War II and the S.S.N. 790 were the main features of the corn murals.  The S.S.N. 790 is the newest submarine and committee members are happy that South Dakota’s name is finally being represented again.

Bodenstedt says, “It was 70 years since we’ve had a vessel named after us, and the Virginia Class is named after states. So, it was right and fitting that they chose South Dakota.”

The Corn Palace Committee chooses a theme each year, and this year’s theme is “Salute to the Military.”  The Committee of the U.S.S. South Dakota says it’s an honor since the S.S.N. 790 will be commissioned this February.

“It was not anything that we expected, but it’s something that we are definitely going to enjoy and be thankful for that they chose to honor the military,” says Bodenstedt.

The artists chosen by the Corn Palace Committee are the Digital Media and Design students of Dakota Wesleyan University.  This is the program’s first major project on display for the community to see.

“They gave us the opportunity to come in and design the murals. It’s something we’ve never done before,” says Associate Professor of Digital Media and Design Kyle Herges.

Each design was hand-drawn and laid out through the grid system. This team came together not just for Mitchell, but for the men and women protecting our country.

“Some of us do have family in the military of our own. I personally have a brother, so I wanted to dedicate this to him.  As well as to show my love to him, and to show everyone that I know in the military who serves for us and for our freedom,” says Dakota Wesleyan Junior Isabelle Barraza.

Back in 2012, the Secretary of the Navy announced they would name the submarine to honor the state of South Dakota.  The state of the art attack sub carries a crew of 14 officers and 117 sailors.

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