Halloween Safety Tips To Know Before Hitting The Neighborhood

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Halloween is just around the corner. However, some safety concerns that may have not even crossed your mind yet could put a damper on the fall fun.

“Kids are very excited about what costume they’re going to choose to wear,” said Twila Perkinson, a Family Life Educator at Avera.

When it comes to face masks, make sure your child has a mask they see through and breathe easily in. Be wary of masks that block peripheral vision.

“Are the eyeholes in the mask able for them to see through?” asked Perkinson.

Also, consider how tall your child is.

“Is the costume too long for your child? Does it have a flowing train they might trip on?” asked Perkinson.

No costume is complete without the appropriate size trick-or-treat bag. You don’t want them carrying a trick-or-treat bag that’s bigger than they are.

“Making sure that you’ve got a trick-or-treat bag that’s the correct size for a toddler or a school aged child,” said Perkinson.

If your child receives candy that’s unwrapped, homemade, or doesn’t seem right, remember this motto:

“When in doubt, throw it out,” said Perkinson.

There’s a new trend. Some houses may not even be giving out candy. If someone has a teal pumpkin on their porch, this means they’ll be giving out non-food items for Halloween.

“Some non-food items might include a glow headband, bubbles,” said Perkinson.

Whether it’s an orange pumpkin or a trendy teal one, the best Halloween is always a safe one.

A dietican will explain more on the history of teal pumpkins this Sunday on KDLT News.


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