Wieczorek Brings Blue-Collar to Congressional Race

MOUNT VERNON, S.D. – Ron Wieczorek knows how to work hard.

The oldest of seven children he learned at a young age what it means to fight for, and take care of, the things he loves. “We owned a dairy barn down there when I was born. When I was twelve years old my father lost his leg in a farming accident. When I was fifteen, he lost his arm in an accident. So, I had the responsibility of basically raising six siblings,” said Wieczorek.

He ran the family farm until his brothers were old enough to run the show themselves. From there, the congressional hopeful started his own business, selling farming equipment.

“In 77,78, and 79 I was awarded over a million dollar award for sales.”

However, Wieczorek says rising interest rates eventually took a toll on the Ag community, saying, “farmers were paying twenty five percent within three years. Many of those people who worked all their lives lost their equity.” Wieczorek lost nearly one third of his customers within three years, forcing him to leave the implement business and return to farming. It also shaped his political footing.

“So I started educating myself and started to figure out what went wrong politically, economically, and I probably learned more after I was forty five or fifty,” said Wieczorek.

An Independent, Wieczorek’s platform includes fixing what he calls a broken free trade agreement, fighting to save American farmers, and creating a third U.S. National Bank. Above all, Wieczorek says if you check his name on your ballot, you’ll be voting for a man who will fight for the people.

“I think a lot of people probably would have ended up with a negative attitude, but I don’t think I have. I’ve looked at and tried to figure out how we can make this a greater nation and a better nation.”

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