Fire Departments Honor Fallen Firefighter with Procession Through Parker


PARKER, S.D. – Last Thursday, a two vehicle crash killed two men near Renner.

One of those men was 34-year-old Parker firefighter Adam Hannon.

Before he was laid to rest, Hannon’s brothers and sisters in the department showed their respects the best way they knew how.

“Everybody always says about the fire department that we’re a brotherhood or a family, and when you see this, you can see that it’s true,” said Parker Fire Chief Max Masters.

Hannon’s fire family paid tribute to his life through the streets of Parker Wednesday afternoon. It took a convoy of fire trucks from departments near and far.

“A lot of people here, outside of our department and Worthing didn’t know Adam personally, but there here to pay respects because that’s kind of something that we do for each other whenever something unfortunate like this happens.”

It’s a show of respect to a man who served to put others ahead of himself.

“Being a member of the National Guard and a firefighter obviously he touched a lot of people, and so we wanted to make sure we honor him in the best way that we could.”

The procession that went from the courthouse to the Parker Community Building also offers Hannon’s brothers and sisters in the fire department a way to heal and a way to say goodbye.

“We have a tendency to shut down or we’re supposed to be tough enough to not have to talk about some of this stuff, but that’s when it eats you up so we really try to draw together and do things like this so that we talk through it instead of just holding all that in.”

Hannon leaves behind three children. Friends and family paid their respects to Hannon at a memorial service following the procession.

“It’s a powerful thing to see. And then also the end of the service we do what’s called a last call on the radio and that comes through dispatch and that’s kind of like a final closure thing for the family and for us. It’s very tough to hear, but it’s also a sign of respect to the fallen too.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up in Hannon’s name, find the link here.

Nathan Seivert, 18, was also killed in the car accident that took Hannon’s life.

Seivert’s funeral is Thursday morning in Sioux Falls.

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