Sen. John Thune Optimistic After Elections Are Over

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — The mid-term elections are over and parties are either celebrating their victories or settling for defeat.

South Dakota stayed red with GOP wins for Governor, House and Attorney General.

KDLT’S Nicole Griffith sat down with U.S. Senator John Thune on his reaction to the highly anticipated Election Day.

Republicans are celebrating as the party swept the state election.

“I think for the most part it was as expected here in South Dakota,” says Thune.

Thune says it was a good night for republicans and that he’s always optimistic once an election is done.

“After elections there’s a period of time when it’s kind of a fresh start, and I think it’s a hopeful time, and whether the election turned out the way that you want. The people have spoken, and I think more than anything else they want results,” says Thune.

Governor Elect Kristi Noem will become the state’s first female governor. The race was closer than in years past with only a 3 point difference. Thune says it was crucial for Noem to gain that spot.

“It was important to us that she succeed. Most people in South Dakota no matter which side of the political isle you’re on, whether you voted for her or not will recognize right away that she is somebody who’s going to be very results focused,” says Thune.

On the national level republicans held the Senate but democrats took the House.

Dusty Johnson South Dakota’s newest congressman had his race called early with 60% of the votes.

“He’ll have to learn how to be successful in a house of representatives where he is in the minority, but if anybody can do it he can,” says Thune.

Thune stresses that bipartisan cooperation in congress will be key in getting anything done in the next two years.

“I’ve seen a lot of things accomplished in a time of divided government. In fact some of the biggest issues the most consequential issues to the country often get resolved in an era of divided government because both sides have to come to the table,” says Thune.

Whether or not Thune is celebrating this year’s midterm election, it’s clear that results are the next priority for those in power.

Thune adds that he was disappointed to see U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions resign yesterday, but he says it was probably inevitable given Sessions’ and President Trump’s relationship.

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