Stampede Superfan Captures Plentiful, Priceless Moments

Vonnie Moos watches junior hockey games through a different lens than most

SIOUX FALLS, SD – A Sioux Falls woman found one of her greatest loves later in life.  She’s a huge fan of Stampede hockey.  But, she doesn’t just go to the games and cheer.

“You get here and they come out and it just perks you right up,” says fan Vonnie Moos.

If the Sioux Falls Stampede are playing at home, just like they were last Saturday for Pink in the Rink, odds are, Vonnie Moos is there and she doesn’t come empty-handed.  Vonnie can be spotted in her seat next to the corner glass with her small, white digital camera.

One of Vonnie’s pictures from last Saturday’s Pink in the Rink game

“You see the game and yet in a picture it freezes the action and you can sometimes see how hard that sport is,” she says, “Plus, we have the best-looking players in all the USHL.”

So, how is this the favorite hobby of a 79-year-old woman who grew up not around hockey, but on a ranch in Wyoming?  About 20 years ago, she and her husband moved to Sioux Falls, ironically, around the same time the Stampede franchise got started.

“Oh, it was a cold winter and it was so boring and we weren’t doing anything, so I told my husband we had to go to a hockey game,” she explains.  “And he didn’t want to go, not a bit, but we went and by the second period we both had fallen in love with it.  And then I got really hooked on the Stampede.”

She’s continued to go to games ever since, for years now with a camera in hand.  Vonnie has had a longtime passion for photography.  Sometimes, she makes books of her pictures.  She’ll even make special ones to give to players on the team, her “guys” as she calls them, if they ask her for a book.

And since we do live in the digital age, she shares all her pictures online, thousands of photos taken over the years.  Vonnie posts the photos on Facebook, a treat for the families of players who live far away and can’t go to most of the games.  In this league, teenage boys and young men travel from around the country, even the world, to play on hockey teams like the Stampede.

“They give up a lot to play this game.  They really do.  I adore them,” Vonnie says.

Vonnie doesn’t have any grandkids of her own, but in a way, she does, because so many of these players hold a special place in her heart.  Each picture is a memory of them to hang onto forever.

Vonnie says she’ll keep taking pictures at the games as long as she can.

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