A ‘Royal’ Good Morning for Students at MMCRU

MARCUS, I.A. – Homework, practices, and tests can make for a long week for any high schooler, but the teachers in Marcus, Iowa have a unique way of lifting the students’ spirits.

It can be easy to be down and out after a long week.

“Well to start with they’re half asleep,” said greeter and former teacher, Barb Moats.

“Yeah, I have a test Friday, oh jeez,” said freshman Regan Peters.

So sometimes, all you need is a little pick me up. That’s where the royal greeter at MMCRU come in.

“The idea was to bring in organizations, businesses, community members to intentionally greet our students. We have also used our school sports teams, peers greeting their peers,” said school counselor Liz Koenig.

They weren’t sure how being greeted would go, “We really didn’t know how it was going to be received by the student body,” said Principle Jason Toenges.

But after a few trial runs, it has become the highlight of some students’ weeks.

“Some morning we have volleyball, basketball, dance, one morning we had the firefighters come in. One morning we had law enforcement come in and greet the kids as we went to school,” said Peters.

“I thought it was going to be super fun because a lot of kids come in and go ‘ugh, it’s school’ and so you just kind of get pumped on Friday. It’s fun,” said Sophomore Kristina Goth.

What makes the greeting unique is that it’s loved by students of all ages.

“We’ve had high schoolers, middle schoolers, and elementary students and it’s been especially when the older kids have said how much they enjoy this and look forward to it,” said Koenig.

And the ones doing the greetings themselves.

“It’s so much fun to see the kids as they come into the doors so . surprised, so really a wonderful time to start your day,” said Moats.

And with so much positivity being passed around, there’s no end in sight for the royal greeters.

“I feel like it’s a program we want to continue doing and we encourage anyone that would want to do it. It’s not only good for the school, it’s good for the community as well,” said Toenges.

The idea was adopted from High Five Friday from the Okoboji School District.

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