Wired Wednesday: Protecting Yourself From Credit Card Theft

"There's really nothing you can do to stop it from happening," said one of our tech experts. So do this...

Will Bushee, Vice-President of the data mining company, Brite Planet, co-founder of Code Boot Camp of South Dakota, author of ‘Wired for Coding’, and one of our regular tech experts on KDLT News Today, says theft of your credit card numbers happen far more often than anyone realizes.

And one of the first signs yours is in someone else’s hands? Watch what Will has to say.

Once cards are stolen, he adds, they are often bundled and sold on Dark Web sites and underground markets. You may not notice it right away, but eventually they begin to pop up elsewhere.

What you can do:

Be vigilant. Enable alerts on your credit cards, all major processors support alerts and mobile apps to monitor your purchases.

“A lot of times, they will ‘test’ the cards at a gas pump because it’s more anonymous and can easily be justified if they come back rejected (no clerk),” says Bushee. Another test purchase usage in a vending machine for small purchases, often remote locations, not monitored, and often give errors anyway.

Set an alert for “gas station” purchases to get a text, email or mobile app notification for each transaction, Bushee adds. If any are fraud, you can usually lock and dispute the charge immediately.

And, make sure you have AT LEAST two credit cards. If one turns up with fraud, you’ll need a backup while you wait for a new card to be issued.


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