Sioux Falls Man Headed to Horsemanship Competition in Las Vegas

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Five finalists are headed to a national horsemanship competition in Las Vegas. That includes Claude Roebuck, a Sioux Falls man and the only contestant from South Dakota.

Horses have always been apart of Roebuck’s life. Now, he teaches other people the ropes to horsemanship. Working with horses has opened many doors for him and opened up his heart.

“There’s no greater feeling,” said Roebuck. “The things we get from horses is [are] unexplainable. As pets, we’ve got dogs, we’ve got cats. They all give us things, but a horse gives us something a little different. It’s like a freedom.”

A freedom he feels when he interacts with his horses.

However, Roebuck won’t be bringing any of his horses along to the Colt Starting Challenge USA. In fact, he’ll be working with a horse that he’s never met before. He’ll only have three and a half hours to get acquainted with a horse in Vegas.

He’s starting from step one. The horses at the competition are untrained. No one has ever ridden, saddled, or bridled them.

Roebuck knows it’ll be a challenge.

“You can take that horse and you can ask it and get it to respond and want to do the things you ask it to do, it’s a pretty good feeling,” said Roebuck.

Roebuck uses pressure and release to communicate with these horses. He says lighter pressure and patience make all the difference.

“When I was younger, it seemed like I wanted to force these horses into doing things, and it worked and a lot of people do that today, but as I got older and I learned how to ask these horses and commend them when they do something that’s right, it’s given me a – it’s helped me in all aspects in my life,” said Roebuck. “Actually, even how I deal with people.”

The competition is December 9th through 11th.

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