Someone You Should Know: Never Far from the Big Screen

DELL RAPIDS, S.D. – “I just love movies, I can’t say that enough.”

There’s plenty of movie fanatics out there, but Brian Anderson might just top the list.

“Riding our bikes around town going to the video store, renting movies, and that’s kind of where I got my affinity or love for movies. Just always renting movies, always going to the video store, and renting movies,” said Anderson.

His love for the big screen became so strong that his parents decided to take things one step further.

“My parents kind of caught on how much I loved the movies, and they thought it was just going to be a good idea to find an agent and see what they could do to get us into TV shows and movies,” Anderson says.

His head shots were sent out and the then 12 year old was cast in numerous movies like ‘Junior’, staring Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and ‘Saved By The Bell.’

Anderson says being a movie fanatic, the experience was surreal, even as just an extra.

“I was in the show. I was on the set. Whereas usually I was always on the other side of the TV watching it, wondering how they make the shows, how they make the movies, and here I am, with all these famous people right across the table from me, or shaking their hands. I’m there in the moment, and it was just awesome.”

After the credits rolled on his acting career, Anderson and his family moved to the Sioux Empire, but Anderson just couldn’t pry himself away from the thing he loved most: the movies.

“Being that I could be a part of people’s lives and being able to have them enjoy these movies made me want to work in a movie theatre.”

He worked at the Century 14 Theatre in Sioux Falls, the Luxury 5 in Mitchell, and now he helps manage the Dells Theatre in Dell Rapids. And doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

“The amount of people I have grown to know from working at the theatre around town here, I’m starting to know a lot of them. Especially their popcorn order, I know how to make them before they even walk in the door. So, the atmosphere is just wonderful.”

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