Swimmers Help Victims of Hurricane Michael

SIOUX FALLS, S.D-It’s been more than a month since Hurricane Michael devastated parts of the East Coast, and people are still cleaning up from the massive storm. One Sioux Falls group is doing their part to help out one of their own.

The Sioux Falls Surge Swim Team dedicated their past meet to helping the town of Port St. Joe, Florida by collecting supplies for victims.

“It makes me feel really happy because I know that I’m helping people and making them feel better,” said Swimmer, Kennedy Cauwels.

The team has a connection there through a former teammate, Jack Gordon.

“You know this is something people will be dealing with for a long time and you know, I think to see a swim team I grew up on and really grew up in and I don’t even know a lot of the people on the team now, it really does mean a lot to me and it see them help our community down here is you know special,” said Gordon.

Gordon now lives in the area with his girlfriend. The couple suffered minor damage to their home, but many of their neighbors lost everything.

“There was 10-feet of storm surge from the gulf in our neighborhood. It really does not look great down here you know,” said Gordon.

Now with help from Sioux Falls they hope to help rebuild their community.

“You know, those are the people that we really want to help just because when we moved down here, you know our church and community have been so great to us and I knew if anyone was going to step up and help would be the community I grew up in,” said Gordon.

“Our swim team is just one other example of what a wonder community Sioux Falls is. The generosity that smaller towns and cities such as Sioux Falls in the state of South Dakota, what they bring when asked,” April Lovrien, Vice President of Sioux Falls Swim Team Board.  

No matter the results of the swim meet, the swimmers all walked away winners with a mountain of supplies ready to help a town that really needs it. All the supplies will be sent to the couple to distribute among their community where needed.


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