Salvation Army Seeking Bell Ringers in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- It’s that time of year again where you see red kettles and bell ringers out at local stores collecting donations for the Salvation Army. This year marks the non-profit’s biggest monetary goal yet: $350,000. To reach this goal, they not only need people to donate money, but also their time through volunteering. They’re looking for about 15 more bell ringers in Sioux Falls.

KDLT’s Miranda Paige spoke with one of the organization’s newest volunteers who tells us why even on the coldest days, she’ll be out ringing her bell.

This holiday season you’re likely to come across Michelle Drawbaugh as you’re out shopping. For the next month the stay-at-home mom will be out and about in the Sioux Falls community with a red apron and a bell. 40 hours a week she’ll be collecting donations for the Salvation Army as her new full time job.

“I moved to Sioux Falls last May and I’ve had nothing but good luck here and I’m just hoping to raise money for them, so they can pass the good luck on to someone else too,” said Drawbaugh

This is her first time volunteering.

“I Just make sure to say ‘hi’ to the people and interact with them and you know it helps bring them to our bucket.”

She’s enjoyed seeing first hand how generous her community can be.

“I know it’s a good day if I have to go and get a butter knife to push the money down,” said Drawbaugh.

Some days are harder than others as it can get cold.

“I wear about five layers sometimes.”

However, standing in frigid temperatures is worth it if it means she can help bring some warmth to others.

“It can be life changing for them,” said Drawbaugh.

“There’s people who are out their in the cold and if they don’t get this help they might not be able to get rent assistance for the to stay in their own homes. They might become homeless or might lose their power or their gas for their heat in their home.”

Not only have people been generous with their money, but she’s really felt the support.

“They really take care of you if you’re out here bell ringing people bring you hot chocolate or coffee,” said Drawbaugh.

This experience has allowed her to learn a lot about the city she now calls home.

“As a community people are very giving and very loyal to the people that live here and are very willing to want to help them,” said Drawbaugh.

Drawbaugh will be out collecting donations up until Christmas Eve and encourages others to give it a try.

The red kettles have been out for about a week and a half. So far the Salvation Army has already collected over $20,000.

If you’re interested in volunteering click here: or call 605-338-6649 ext. 317

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