Arc of Dreams: Downtown Sioux Falls Sculpture Only Months Away

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – In a matter of months a project that will change the landscape of downtown Sioux Falls will be finished.

Many of us may not realize just what an accomplishment the Arc of Dreams will be. The dream child of a small group of men wanted to provide something special for a city they call home.

A piece of metal from a sculpture that will stand six stories tall and span the length of a football field. The Sculpture walk’s Jim Clark brought it to show us just how substantial this project is.

South Dakota artist Dale Lamphere is creating the Arc in Denver. The finishing touches will be applied at Dale’s home base in Sturgis, then trucked to Sioux Falls when it’s time to assemble it.

Since the project began five years ago, the Arc has undergone six different design changes and four wind tests. It’s not just a work of art.

“It’s an engineering marvel, I’ve never seen a sculpture like this, that extends out from its base,” said Clark.

The anchors, already installed, are an amazing example of engineering in themselves. The Arc is actually two large pieces, they will be placed here along the Big Sioux River near the Cherapa Place.

“This type of sculpture has never been done before,” said Clark, “there are no blue prints.”

The Arc of Dreams was first scheduled to span the Big Sioux River a few years ago, but now we’re looking at May 2019. Clark says that’s ok. They are trusting Dale’s vision and talent.

“We don’t want to rush it, that’s that last thing we want to do, we don’t want any short cuts, an so he doesn’t either and so we just tell our donors it’s just gong to take a little longer,” said Clark.

Private fundraising is paying for the project, there are no tax dollars involved. The project started with an idea to improve the city, Clark says once he and Paul Schiller started. there was no turning back.

“It’s been such hard work over five years, none of us has gotten a full nights sleep, but we know it’s going to be worth it when we get done,” said Clark, “And we have faith in each other that it will be the highest quality we can make it and that’s been our goal from the beginning, that it’s really going to be something special for the city.”

Clark says they still have room on their donor wall. Nearly 600 individuals, couples, and families have their names engraved onto stainless steel plates at the site of the sculpture.

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