State Report Cards Are In: A Look at Sioux Falls School District

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- There are several highlights Sioux Falls Assistant Superintendent Dr. Teresa Boysen is excited to see on the Sioux Falls School District report card. The district’s average a-c-t score of 23 beats the state average of 22. The numbers also show students are improving on their learning.

“English, Language arts, our students in reading we had growth over last year. Our math scores ties the state average and our science out paced the state by 3 percent,” said Dr. Boysen.

She’s are also proud to say that 1,300 students who took the advanced placement tests were able to score a 3 or higher. Students must score between a three and a five to qualify to receive college credit.

As for some of the lower scores:

“They were pulling data that we did not know we’d be measured on and reporting it out, so it’s a learning curve for everyone” said Dr. Boysen.

The federal law now requires new data items to be reported. One of these includes extra measures within the college readiness category like a college and career readiness assessment. The school district says this is is an optional test that they opted not to do.

It is one reason why they believe their college readiness score was low at 32 percent.

“If you look across the state the schools that require their students to take an additional assessment, they scored higher. Is it a benefit for our students? That’s something we have to weigh out,” said Dr. Boysen.

But overall:

” It’s a good report for Sioux Falls and our students, but it’s also a great things for us to look at to continue to provide that strong education for students,” said Dr. Boysen.

If a parent has questions they can contact their child’s school directly or call the instructional planning center for clarification or more information.


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