Guardian Tree Gift Drive: Bringing Christmas to a Foster Child

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- In the span of a year Casey Myers family has gotten a  bit bigger.

“I’m the oldest of five and now the oldest of ten, so this is kind of like my parents second batch of five I guess,” said Myers.

She has five new siblings who used to be in foster care.

“It’s nice to know that it’s not a temporary thing and that they’ll be with us, I’ll have a chance to watch them grow up.”

For several years her mom and dad have been foster parents. She’s seen how much they struggle.

“The children that would come into my parents house normally came with nothing or if they did come with stuff it was very little and just for these children to have something that they own you can tell how much it means to them,” said Myers.

Which is why she wants to give back with the Guardian Tree. It’s a fundraiser held by the East River Foster Parent Network to collect gifts for foster kids.

“A 17 year old is looking for a winter coat and a walmart gift card,” said Myers.

At both locations a tree has tags with the name of foster kids, and a gift they would like.

“I think every present, every gift these children get even if it’s considered more of a necessity than a want makes a big impact in each of these children’s lives,”

Beside helping the kids she also hopes to bring more awareness to the need for foster parents in Sioux Falls.

“The talk about Foster Care isn’t really a topic people talk about, so seeing first hand watching these children that come in from the foster care it has really changed my life,” said Myers.

The trees have only been up since Monday and more than half of the tags have been taken. Myers’ is willing to put up more tags if more people want to participate.


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