Snowfall Totals: Winter Storm From November 30th – December 2nd

Snowfall Totals: First Winter Storm This Season

KDLT Viewing Area- Our first winter storm of the season is in the books and there were some impressive snowfall totals. For some, we saw very little snow because of two dry pockets of air that developed over the Sioux Falls area, which kept those of us there from seeing the snow. Here is a full look at snowfall totals that the various National Weather Service offices around us received:

2 NE Burke- 16″

5 SSW Herrick- 14″

Lakefield- 11″

Wagner- 10.5″

Ashton- 9″

Yankton- 9″

Tyndall- 8.3″

Windom- 8.3″

Currie- 8″

Emerson- 8″

Valentine- 8″

Alcester- 8″

Armour- 7.5″

Pickstown- 7.2″

Spencer- 7″

Vermillion- 7″

Marshall- 7″

Avon- 7″

Elk Point- 6.8″

Akron- 6.6″

Centerville- 6.5″

Westbrook- 6″

Hawarden- 6″

Clear Lake- 6″

Minneota- 5.7″

Orange City- 5.5″

La Bolt- 5″

Watertown- 5″

Astoria- 5″

Gary- 5″

Tea- 4″

Worthington- 4″

Castlewood- 3.7″

Pipestone- 3″

Mitchell- 2.6″

Chamberlain- 2.3″

Brookings- 2″

Sioux Falls- 1.2″

Huron- 1.2″

That is a full look at our totals in order from most, to least. Hopefully all of us were able to stay safe, especially with this being the first storm of the season.


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