Kylee Van Egdom An Ace For Sioux Falls Christian Volleyball

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D.  —  Watching Kylee Van Egdom on the court it’s clear she has a passion.

“Very aggressive.. I’m a competitive girl, and my teammates are competitive and my coach is very competitive, and I think it’s fun to play with that competitive drive every game,” says SFC Senior Kylee Van Egdom.

The senior showed that drive -recording more than 500 kills and 285 digs in 39 games this season.

“She is such a smart player. She knows the game. She sees the game, and she just sees the court. She does every aspect of it at such a high level. It’s so fun to watch and coach her,” says SFC Head Coach Darci Wassenaar.

One thing that makes this senior unique is her wicked jump serve that racks up the aces game after game.

“A lot of coaches helped me throughout it, and it was quite a process. I was not good at it when I first started, but it was really fun and my coaches helped me a lot, and I kept working on it, and it turned into what it is today,” says Van Egdom.

That serve helped tally 117 aces this season – averaging 3 a match, and nearly 350 during her high school career.

“It was something I kind of like. It was kind of fun to take on a new skill that a lot of people don’t do, but I do think it’s unique and that a lot of teams.. what’s so hard is the first time they see it is with me because not many people serve that way,” Van Egdom.

“She’s so dominating in the front row, and is able to put the ball away with force, and then she rotates to the back row, and she’s not done yet, and so it’s nice when she goes back to that serving box, and has a really aggressive serve, and she’s worked really hard on it,” says Wassenaar.

The Chargers are coming off back to back state titles.

And Kylee will use her passion and that momentum as she joins the Northern State Volleyball team


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