Vermillion And Yankton Experience Heavy Weekend Snow

YANKTON, S.D. – Plenty of our viewing area saw snow this weekend.

Chunks of snow line the roads in Vermillion.

It’s a snowy walk to class for the yotes. USD received seven inches of snow over the weekend.

Down the road, Eastern Yankton was hit hard by snow, with nine inches.

Friday night kicked off with a mix of freezing rain and rain, transitioning into snow overnight into Saturday. According to the National Weather Service, northerly winds also blew snow around.

This leaves locals with quite the clean up process.

“Well, it did surprise me a little bit,” said Brad Dykes of Yankton. “The thing of it is it’s gonna be cold all week and so we’re not going to get much melting.”

Jerry Oster of Yankton is an observer for the National Weather Service. At 6 a.m. each morning, he measures the snow and precipitation, using an official NWS snow stick.

“You look at where the snow has fallen, flat surface more or less,” said Oster. “You get that, but when it’s blowing in here you know that’s not accurate. So, then you try to get measurements in places where you can kind of average things out.”

Oster then melts the snow down to measure the precipitation, then reports his daily findings to the NWS.

It might be a record year for Yankton.

“This is the wettest year ever recorded in Yankton,” said Oster. “Our records go back to 1880. With 20 inches of snow in April, we had 20 inches of rain from June 1 to the end of August, so it’s been a crazy wet year,” said Oster.

Burke, South Dakota received the most snow in our viewing area this weekend with sixteen inches.

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