Business Knits and Crochets to Warm Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-JAM Art and Supplies in Sioux Falls is trying to make the holidays a bit warmer for their community. For them there’s no better way to help than by using their craft skills.

For Sam Lopez art is powerful and she believes it can enact change, so she’s using her hands to help those in need by creating hats, scarves and gloves

“Its South Dakota, it gets cold here. People need warm hats, ways to stave off the winter, cold and it’s just a way to show love to the community,”said Lopez.

She’s a volunteer at JAM Art And Supplies. Every Sunday throughout the winter the store is offering an open studio for knitting and crocheting. They invite anyone from any level to stop by and participate.

“Even little kids can knit you know,” said Lopez.

She learned how to when she was just eight years old. This is the first year doing this. The idea originally came about because they had a lot of leftover yarn in the store.

“We’ve got all this yarn and resources to make them and recycle this yarn instead of it ending up in a landfill,” said Lopez.

Once the items are knitted and crocheted, the organization will place them on sculptures throughout Downtown Sioux Falls for people who are seeking extra warmth. Lopez knows first hand how big of a difference this could make in someone’s life.

“Been in situations where I’ve been homeless or low income and it’s been cold and you don’t have money for the hat, scarf, whatever to keep you warm out walking around.”

So it’s a great feeling for her to be able to help others

“I mean you’re doing something for somebody else, for somebody you don’t even know,” said Lopez.

She hopes others will join her in helping warm the hands and heads of people throughout the city. People can stop by the store anytime from one to five on Sundays to participate. The store is at the corner of Phillips and 6th downtown.  Organizers say they’ll continue to do this until it starts to get warmer out.

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