Stampede Players Deliver Teddy Bears to Kids at Avera

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Trips to the hospitals aren’t always the most fun for kids, it can be a little scary.

This morning at Avera McKennan Hospital, members of the Sioux Falls Stampede had a surprise for the kids. Teddy bears and stuffed animals were given out by four Stampede players.

They had these stuffed animals in the hundreds, so all the kids got more than one. Some stuffed animals were big, some small, but each one meant a lot to the kids who received them.

“It just makes us feel better, like we, someone’s there, to comfort us,” said patient Kade Shumaker.

Kade tells us his days can be pretty long and a little boring, so the visit was very special. One of the players, also named Cade, says making kids smile in the hospital is especially meaningful to him.

“My brother was actually in the hospital for over a year after a car accident with a traumatic brain injury. So it’s, uh, just like I said, if you don’t put life into perspective sometimes, after that especially, I’ve really taken advantage of this kind of stuff,” said Cade Borchardt.

The stuffed animals were donated by fans tossing them onto the rink during teddy bear night. The team collected more than 1,000.

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