Taryn Kloth Ready To Hit The Beach At LSU With Creighton Career Behind Her

O'Gorman Alum To Play Beach Volleyball In Spring

OMAHA, NE  —  Taryn Kloth left O’Gorman and arrived at Creighton with plenty of potential.

“You kind of realize how fast the game is moving, how great other players are, how to defend them, what shots you can add to your arsenal in order to attack the other team. So, honestly, a lot of areas I improved I feel like.” Creighton Senior Taryn Kloth says.

Four years and more than 1300 kills later, one of the best players in Blue Jay history is on the beach.

However, instead of looking for a job after she graduates this month, Taryn will literally be on the sand, playing beach volleyball at Louisiana State.

“Really decided on beach just because I wanted to further my education and try something new, a new sport. Yes it has the same skills but it’s very, very different.” Taryn says.

Officially sanctioned in 2016, NCAA Beach Volleyball follows the lead of it’s olympic counterpart, with competing schools featuring five pairs of players in head to head matches.

With her 6’4” frame, Kloth drew LSU’s interest and will be eligible to play this spring as a graduate transfer.

“I do know she’s got a really good platform so I think she can pass, I think that’s really critical. She obviously is going to be a blocker up there and she has got a great arm so I think she has the pieces to be really good. It’ll be really fascinating when Taryn finishes up there if she’s going to continue, maybe play on the AVP tour. Or she’s maybe talked about going back to the hard court. Or she’ll have her MBA and she’s a near 4.0 student so I think professionally she’d have options there.” Creighton Head Volleyball Coach Kirsten Bernthal Booth says.

Taryn isn’t short on options after school, and wants to make sure she isn’t short on life experiences either.

“Definitely, because it was new, I wanted to kind of explore and get out of the Midwest a little bit. Nothing’s off the board right now but yeah, I don’t know what’s going to be coming next!” Kloth says.

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